Second Bite is basically my collection of information and a diary of sorts about my journey back to the Apple world. I did have a Mac shortly in the early 90ties, but didn’t like it in my PC rich environment. It was a pain in the butt and I got rid of it a couple of months later. Since then I haven’t bothered with Macs at all.

In December 2011 I sort of by accident got a MacBook Air and all hell broke lose. Long story short: within a few months after my MacBook Air ‘accident’ I converted to Apple and I love all things Mac. To give you a better idea how far it went: I now have multiple Mac desktops and notebooks and only 1(!) Windows PC and it rarely gets used.

I now do love Macs and Mac OS X. They really are that good. However, I always feel like something is missing and that something could be defined as missed experience of 20+ years of Macs. I now intend to get some of the older Macs in addition to the modern ones I have with the purpose of a journey back in time. Second Bite is mostly about that journey and my experiences with Macs from the past.

Other than that, you’ll find all sorts of tips and hints that I consider useful for those who switch from Windows to Mac and of cause my random ramblings on all things Mac.


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