My Setup (October 2014)

As promised the update to my setup. It now features new gear on the right desk and I managed to find a tiny desk I could squeeze between the two main desks. It adds a very useful “offload” area and I usually keep one of my pet project on there. Currently in the picture it’s the PowerBook G3 FireWire aka PISMO I’m testing with various versions of OS X.

The left desk remains mostly unchanged, except the portrait mode DELL U2311 now made room for the DELL U2414. The resolution remains the same at 1080×1920, but the new one has a much nicer panel and I really like that tiny, slim display border. The U2311 will soon be mounted on the middle desk – a simple monitor stand for it is already in the picture.

The big changes happened on right desk:


Yes, that’s a 4 display setup consisting of 24” Dell (U2412M) monitors each running at 1920×1200. In addition to my gaming PC there is also a Mac Pro 5.1 now.

A Mid 2010 model with 6-core Xeon @ 3.33 GHz, 16GB RAM, 3x 240GB SDD, 2x 2TB HDD and the ATI 5770 it usually comes with has been replaced by EVGA’s GeForce 680 Mac Edition. I also added a SATA-III controller to provide 6GB/s for the SSDs as well as a dual SDD mount for the lower optical drive bay to accommodate two additional SSDs.

All displays are cross connected to each computer allowing me to use up to 3 of the 4 displays for either the PC or the Mac Pro. Most of the time however I run the setup with the PC using the lower left screen while the Mac Pro uses the upper left screen and both screens on the right.

I am also using the VGA ports of two of the displays to connect them via an adapter to the iMac (which is now on the left side of the desk) and to the tiny Esprimo (which is currently under the desk on a small cabinet).

There is now a simple USB switch mounted to the left monitor to switch the keyboard (Logitech G110) and mouse (Razor DeathAdder) between the PC and the Esprimo. I really need a proper KVM solution here that would allow me to use the gaming input devices with the Mac Pro whenever needed and also connect another Mac mini for testing purposes…


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